About us

A few years ago, I, Simone, faced the exciting task of preparing our kindergarten child for elementary school. However, I was disappointed with the workbooks and books in the stores in my area. Somehow, they did not meet my expectations for the content or lacked that particular something.

I was looking for workbooks that are not only child-friendly and beautifully illustrated but also provide coloring, puzzles, or crafting pages for various entertaining activities. It was important to me that they bring joy to both me as an adult and my child. The books or workbooks should prepare for encounters with other children with different backgrounds. Social behavior should be promoted, friendships should be explained, and people with disabilities should not be excluded. At the same time, the workbooks should be pedagogically valuable, creative, and educational, promote logical thinking, and convey elementary school knowledge.

During my intensive search, the vision of a comprehensive offer that combines all these aspects developed in me. I decided to work with other creative minds to achieve this goal. Our joint work results in our unique learning and preschool workbooks, doodles, and coloring books for younger siblings. We had them carefully tested by the children in our team, and they were thrilled. Many of their suggestions were directly incorporated into the workbooks.

Our workbooks are ideal as pastime activities and support for consolidating the learning material for children already in school. With us, parents, grandparents, friends, and educators will undoubtedly find the right offer for their children and siblings.

Since we have various native speakers in our team, we came up with the idea of offering all books in different languages. Soon, we will also provide our workbooks in English, Italian, and more. Our offer is still under construction, and little by little, you will be able to make more exciting discoveries here. At the moment, we are pleased that you have found us. We warmly welcome you and wish you a lot of fun browsing our range.