Get Ready for Kindergarten

(Vol. 1)

6-in-1 Coloring and Activity Practice Workbook, Fun Early Learning for Children Aged 5+. Letter Tracing, Mazes, Puzzles, and Lots of Coloring Pictures to Cut Out and Collect.

The first Kindergarten Workbook in our three-part series presents a comprehensive and captivating learning experience for children aged 5 and up. Dive into the world of discovery and learning with this unique book, designed to make the transition to school easier for your children! 

With its 163 pages, this book is an absolute highlight for little explorers. The A4 format book offers a variety of activities and will captivate your children for hours.

Parents, grandparents, and educators will be given numerous exercises and first writing exercisesThese gently prepare your child for starting school while the alphabet and first learning words are playfully conveyed. 

The friendly aliens guide your child through six themes in a comic style. From exploring shapes to interpreting objects to determining size differences and directions - each page promotes creativity and logical thinking.

Fun coloring pages (for solo activities) and tricky puzzles (for two people) ensure this, making the learning process exciting.

We recommend using colored pencils or wax crayons, as most pages are printed on both sides.

Experience together with your child that learning can be fun and see the joy of newly acquired knowledge and skills. Order this Workbook today and celebrate your child's progress with the participation certificate at the end of the book! A little bedtime story rounds off the learning journey harmoniously.

Show that you are supportive and motivating alongside your child.

The Kindergarten Workbook (Vol. 1) is
available here.