Get Ready for Kindergarten

(Vol. 2)

Coloring and Activity Practice Workbook for Kids Ages 5 and Up. Fun Early Learning with Number Tracing, Mazes, Dot-to-Dot, Color-by-Number, Counting Games, and More.

Welcome to the second Kindergarten Workbook in our three-part series, an exciting learning experience all about numbers for little explorers aged 5 and up! Dive into a world of fun and education with this unique book that stimulates your children's imagination. 

The book is structured as a captivating comic that takes children on an exciting journey through the world of numbers. It offers numerous opportunities for coloring on its 129 pages in A4 format (we recommend using colored pencils or wax crayons as most pages are printed on both sides) and exciting puzzles to solve.

Your children will discover the numbers up to 25, practice size orders, go through tricky mazes, and play logic games that challenge their thinking skills

Writing numbers will be playfully learned, fine motor skills will also be improved, and skills in coloring by numbers will be further developed. Each page has been carefully and elaborately designed to make learning appealing and entertaining.

Start the learning experience today with the Kindergarten Workbook on numbers! Offer your children a unique opportunity to discover the world of numbers playfully. New challenges may seem daunting initially, but your child will feel more confident in school if they recognize something. The participation certificate at the end of the book rewards progress, and a suitable bedtime story harmonizes the learning experience. 

Accompany your child on this exciting learning journey with our four aliens and enjoy the benefits of a closer bond through shared activities. Reinforce the feeling of standing by your child's side, helping and motivating them during the transition to school.

The Kindergarten Workbook (Vol. 2) is available here.