Get Ready for Kindergarten

(Vol. 3)

Coloring and Activity Practice Workbook for Kids Aged 5+. Fun Early Learning with Time-Telling, Seek & Find, Cut and Paste, Puzzles, Spot the Differences, and More.

Welcome to our series's third and final Kindergarten Workbook, another great learning adventure for little explorers aged 5 and up. With 129 pages in A4 format and numerous opportunities for coloring and exploring, it is an interactive comic that stimulates your children's imagination.

In this book, the different aspects of time are playfully conveyed. Our main characters take two-time travels, this time in search of Caesar's parchment, which explains time, from the four seasons, the calendar with the individual peculiarities of the months, to the time of day.

Each page is designed to be varied. There are mazes, entertaining games, or tricky puzzles to make learning a beautiful adventure.

The Kindergarten Workbook offers opportunities to unfold your children's creativity and logical thinking through appropriate exercises. In addition to playful learning, feelings are also explained, and with the help of a craft puzzle, children can learn how to express and name their own feelings.

Offer your children a unique opportunity to explore time and the seasons. The participation certificate at the end of the book rewards their progress, and a suitable bedtime story harmonizes the learning experience. Discover the third XXL preschool book now and dive into a world full of fun and knowledge.

The Kindergarten Workbook (Vol. 3) is available here.